Pentair Goyen ® Industrial Flow Control Valves

Universal Air Products is a Pentair Goyen ® master distributor and offers the complete line of Pentair Goyen ® Industrial Valves and Repair Kits.

Goyen Industrial Valves

We also offer the complete line of Pentair Goyen ® Dust Collector Diaphragm Valves and Repair Kits.


General Industrial Control Valves
Direct Lift
QM Series BM Series BL Series
1Q3M 1Q3M3 1B6M 1B6M3 10BL2
2Q3M 2Q3M3 2B6M 2B6M3 20BL2
3Q3M 3Q3M3 4B6M 4B6M3  
4Q3M 4Q3M3 5B6M    
General Industrial Control Valves
Pilot Operated
 BW Series BWJ Series QW Series QWJ Series BXX Series
6BW2 6BWJ2 6QW2 6QWJ2 6BXX2
10BW2 10BWJ2 10QW2 10QWJ2 6BXX12
12BW2 12BWJ2 12QW2 12QWJ2 6BXX20
20BW2 20BWJ2     6BXX25
25BW3 25BWJ2      
General Industrial Control Valves
Special Purpose
Molded Plastic Gas Control
ST2 6QLS 6QG 6QH2  
LP4 10QLS 10QG    
AD4 6QLS2 12BAL    
  10QLS2 20BAL